Olive trees are very fine trees. They grow very slow and diffucult, but they live very long. An olive trees average age is between 300-400.

The olives, are collected in time, without waiting, gets cleaned at the mill, it gets protect in a place thats cool and dark.

There are 4 different tipes of olive oils that the TSE had registered. They are; virgin, natural, first natural, and limpid. The olive oils clour, smell, taste has been detected by experts.

Benefits of olive oils;

Olive oil is the traditional taste of mediterranean cuise. İt is very important for health (heart) because of its low cholesterol.

They say ‘’ olive oil, helps not ageing, drops the presure on tissue, organs and brain functions.’’ Because it is rich for vitamin E it has the power to stay away from cancer.

İt plays a important role to avoid cardiovascular disease.

Olive oil reduces the stomach asid. İt focilitates digestion. Reduces the frmation of stones in the gall bladder.

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